Why Should You Choose MessageWatcher?

Intuitive, Reliable, Scalable

MessageWatcher delivers a platform that enables you to manage all of your communications from one dashboard while mitigating risk and satisfying industry and government regulations. Our approach to data loss prevention and automated reporting means that your compliance team will save valuable time and increase productivity.

We focus on providing fast, intuitive and reliable solutions for monitoring your company's electronic communications. We provide policy tools that are easy to use and automate, allowing you to monitor email, social media, websites, instant messages and more.


Email Archiving and Surveillance
Social Media Archiving and Surveillance
Website Archiving and Surveillance
Text Message Archiving options (contact us for details)
Bloomberg, Teams, Slack and Salesforce Archiving and Surveillance
Supporting new business cloud platforms like Google Workspace® and Microsoft Office 365®

Our compliance and risk mitigation tools save money, time and stress by helping you to automate your compliance, reporting and monitoring requirements.

Email Compliance

Email and Instant Message Archiving and Surveillance

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Social Media Compliance

Social Media Communications Archiving and Surveillance

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Business Cloud Platforms

Supports business cloud platforms like Google Workspace® and Microsoft Office 365®

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Compliance and eDiscovery

Meet and exceed governance requirements.

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The MessageWatcher Advantage

Our services are built to meet the needs of regulators and legal teams.

MessageWatcher search is fast, allowing you to find what you're looking for in no time.

MessageWatcher provides exceptional value.

MessageWatcher provides superior customer service.

Conquer Your Message Compliance Challenges

Avoid Archiving Fines

Originally considered simply an email management challenge to solve, message compliance has evolved. We support email, social media, websites, text messaging, and electronic communications including the most widely used IM apps.

MessageWatcher ensures that your business can meet and exceed its governance requirements with an efficient compliance and eDiscovery solution.

Getting started with MessageWatcher is easy. We offer flexible and low-cost (or no-cost) options to import your email archive history. We bundle 20 pre-designed email policies that enable you to optimize and launch your email monitoring program without delay.

Additionally, our on-demand search, random sampling, and data export (with no additional technical staff support required) makes MessageWatcher’s email archiving solution fast, effective and scalable.

Why do I need to archive my company's email?

Archiving your company’s electronic messaging can mitigate risk. Most industries are required to archive for government and industry compliance.

How is MessageWatcher different from other archiving solutions?

MessageWatcher offers a flexible solution with a simple-to-use dashboard. Our small team of experts provides excellent customer service, giving our customers a personalized experience.

Which types of electronic communications can be archived and monitored through MessageWatcher?

MessageWatcher supports email, social media, websites, IM and text messaging, including business solutions like Bloomberg and Salesforce.

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