Texting is corporate communications

If employees text message on company devices or you’re using texting as a marketing tactic, your text messages are now corporate communications—and must stay in compliance.

Not a private channel

Your compliance team, auditors, HR staff, legal team, and more need to be able to access company text message history in a simple-to-use archive and flag policy violations.

Keep it clean and in compliance

Violations of laws, regulations, or your company policies in SMS and text messages accounts have the same risks as email - including lawsuits, regulatory fines, and loss of customers.

To mitigate risk and stay in compliance, you need a way to efficiently archive and search Text Messaging accounts.

Solution: MessageWatcher for
Text Messaging Compliance

MessageWatcher helps you retain text messages across all your company devices and highlight potential risks in this content. Use MessageWatcher’s policies or easily design your own policies to help flag content that could pose risks for your organization.

With MessageWatcher in place, you can prove to regulators that you are proactively supervising your social media content. Key features ensure that your time and risks are managed efficiently and effectively.

Establish review procedures and permissions
Quickly provide useful reporting
Easily conduct random reviews
Conduct pinpoint searches

Key Features

Archive Across Various Messaging Platforms

  • MyRepChat
  • WhatsApp
  • Zoom
  • RingCentral
  • TeleMessage

Easy-to Use Search and Export Tools

  • Easy-to-use search capability to quickly manage audits and investigations
  • Effortless search and export tools for eDiscovery requests
  • Add notes to archived records
  • Surveillance in multiple languages

Multi-Level Permission Settings

  • Multiple permission levels – Admin, Group Admin, Group Reviewer, and User
  • Setup reviewers for a group, location, department, or the whole organization

Flexible Reporting

  • Summary reports help you see summary information related to users, policy violations and more
  • Audit trails provide comprehensive activity logs
  • Reports show any activity including reviewed conversations, logins, notes, and policy changes

Option to Add Filters

  • Filter on individual employee names, domains, date ranges, Groups, attachments and more
  • Limit searches to just the platform you want to review


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Notification of logins
  • Audit logs of logins, messages viewed, exports, and any changes to Users, Groups or Policies

See MessageWatcher for Text Messaging Compliance in Action

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