Monitor email, social media, websites, text messaging, and other chat & Collaboration apps with ease

Meet and Exceed Regulatory Requirements for Digital Communications

Financial Services

Specifically, for anyone that needs FINRA, SEC Compliance is a perfect.

Government Subcontractors

Simlify Records Retention
Invisible compliance
eDiscovery Make audits simple


To ensure transparency, "Freedom of Information Act" (FOIA) requests are easily filled.

Capture, monitor, flag, and archive all channels where constituents, residents, employees, and citizens in one place.

No more logging into various platforms to review; use one portal.

Explore Referral and Business Partnership Options

Monthly, quarterly, or annual billing.
Discounted pricing - small packages avail as low as $50 making it so you can offer compliance to everyone.
Co-marketing campaigns like product collateral, press release, event/presentations, and other content.


Affliate Partner
  • Collaborate with our marketing team
  • Receive tools and resources to promote our offer
  • Low risk, passive income
Referral Partner
  • Generate passive revenue for all signups
  • Enhance your current offering with a complimentary product
  • Utilize alongside the reseller program
  • Hand-off onboarding and maintenance
Solution Partner
  • Numerous reports for supervision, audits, and examinations
  • Easy to use and access
  • Reports, policies, and permissions are intuitive
  • Easy access via a browser-based platform with no agents, downloads, or desktop software

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