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    • Providing electronic communication as part of my routine state examination was simple and took less than a minute using MessageWatcher.

      - Joshua Kocher,

      Chief Investment Officer at MoveUp Financial

    • I have been a chief compliance officer for numerous years in the securities industry. We utilized MessageWatcher at my previous firm for years. When I left and went to my current firm we did not hesitate to sign back up with MessageWatcher to be our communications with the public supervisory and retention system for email transmissions, websites etc. I have found it very easy to navigate and very user friendly to conduct searches for specific regulatory inquiries from FINRA, the SEC and the States. And lastly, the customer service that you get from MessageWatcher is top-notch.

      – John Dillon,

      Chief Compliance Officer Hedge Pro, LLC.

    • MessageWatcher has been easy to use, affordable, and reliable. MessageWatcher’s staff are quick to respond, knowledgeable, and professional.

      - Joshua Roccanti,

      Roccanti Capital Consulting, LLC

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