Email archiving for email compliance is an automated process for preserving and protecting all inbound and outbound email (as well as attachments and metadata) for easy access. The benefits of email archiving include the recovery of lost or accidentally deleted emails, accelerated audit response, preservation of the intellectual property contained in business email and its attachments and “eDiscovery” in the case of litigation or internal investigations (what happened when, who said what).

Objectives of Email Archiving

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Email backup and disaster recovery

While some may prefer to keep emails indefinitely, organizations often mandate that email past a certain age be deleted. Setting these kinds of retention policies deserves careful consideration as a single email could help a company win a lawsuit or avoid litigation altogether. In addition, email archiving provides business continuity at the individual employee level. When one employee quits, his/her replacement can access to the departed employee’s archived messages in order to preserve correspondence records, and enable accelerated on-boarding.

A lack of compliance exposes you and your company to risks.

Large volumes of sensitive information exchange internally and externally through business email every day. Consequently, putting your company at risk for fines, penalties, bad publicity and litigation related to both email correspondence and it’s associated attachments and metadata.

Regulation exists to require storage of crucial email evidence

Many industries require businesses to take a proactive approach to storing and monitoring email in case of litigation, employee disputes, or customer complaints.

Solution: MessageWatcher for Email Compliance helps you manage regulatory audits, investigations, and legal discovery requests by providing easy-to-use searching and reporting tools. will instantly archive your email while simultaneously scanning for inappropriate words and phrases.

Finally, if you do end up in court, litigation support is made easy with MessageWatcher’s intuitive search and export interface.

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