MessageWatcher has the tools you need to manage your industry’s compliance requirements without breaking your budget.

Financial Services Industry Regulation

State regulators, FINRA and the SEC have records retention requirements for email, text messaging, advertising and more. MessageWatcher can archive your organization’s email, web pages, text messages, collaboration software correspondence, and social media to comply with these requirements.

Government Contractor Records Retention

Construction companies working on federal government contracts have an obligation to keep records for a specified number of years, depending on the record type. MessageWatcher can help your construction company comply with archiving requirements.

Public Information Requests

State and municipal governments dealing with Freedom of Information Act requests or similar public requests can use MessageWatcher to provide electronic content in seconds rather than hours.

Use eDiscovery for Unexpected Legal Audits

No matter what industry your business is in, you need to be able to manage records retention, search content for evidence of violations, and respond to exam or audit inquiries. MessageWatcher makes it easy and inexpensive to protect your business.

MessageWatcher for
Regulatory Compliance Advantages

  • Multiple retention periods depending on the type of record
  • Audit reports
  • Non-rewritable archive so there is no missing data
  • Intuitive search interface
  • Export relevant files in minutes or seconds
  • Proactively monitor for possible regulatory violations

See MessageWatcher for Regulatory Compliance in Action

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