Dealing with an audit request

If you have an audit, legal or regulatory examination you can easily provide the requested data and here are the steps.Once you have logged into your MessageWatcher portal you will want to click on the Search tab.
Enter the search criteria given by the auditor or examiner using the search options in the Search tab such as date range, senders, recipients, to/from domains, specific words, numbers or symbols, message type (email, social media, web pages, Slack, etc.) or any of the other options.
Scroll down to the bottom of the box with the search criteria and click on the Export button.

You will get a box that shows the date range of the export, the file size, and the number of messages. You can use the Export Name box to type in a name for this file.
Next hit the Export button. Screenshot below.
The export process will begin and can take from 1 seconds to a couple of minutes if the file is several GBs.
In the box that pops up you can click on the Show Downloads or you can use the Exports tab to see the export file.
In the exports tab, find the export file name you just created then click on the download icon. This will allow you to choose a folder on your computer into which the file will be saved.
To learn how to open the exported file in Microsoft Outlook please see the following help article –
You can email [email protected] to get help with any audit, examination or e-discovery request.

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