Many different types of organizations and individuals may need data archiving services. This can include businesses of all sizes, government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, financial institutions, and even individuals who want to preserve important personal data. All are subject to regulations governing legal discovery and consequently would benefit from the legal protections it provides. In addition there are so many additional benefits. [read more about all the benefits of data archiving ]

Data archiving is particularly important for people and organizations that deal with large amounts of data and have legal or regulatory requirements to retain data for a certain period of time.

Communication Archiving

Aka Data Archiving

Most people consider communication archiving as a means of data backup or long term storage of rarely accessed files. Consequently, they remain unaware of the myriad of advantages afforded by a robust data arching service. Consider access to all of your archived data through a user-friendly, DIY interface providing security, content search functions, reporting, data export and more. While providing 24/7/365 access to all your securely stored data, your primary storage is left with more space to operate more efficiently.

Email Archiving

Email is efficient—but it exposes your and your company to risks.

Large volumes of sensitive information are exchanged internally and externally through business email every day, exposing companies to risks like fines, penalties, bad publicity and litigation related to email correspondence. Undoubtedly, everyone has experienced the panic of trying to find an old email at some point. Archiving solves a slew of everyday issues from freeing up space to regulatory compliance. [read more about email archiving]

Text Archiving

Not to be confused with SMS archiving

Text archiving refers to preserving and retrieving any form of written communication, including emails, documents, chat messages, and more. It encompasses a wide range of text-based content. [read more about text archiving]

SMS Archiving

A more specific type of communication

While both text archiving and SMS archiving involve the preservation and retrieval of written communication, SMS archiving is more specific to mobile text messages. Text archiving, on the other hand, encompasses a broader range of text-based content from various sources. [read more about SMS vs Text archiving]

Overall, gives your business all the advantages for your long-term data storage needs.

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