MessageWatcher: Transforming City Governance Through Comprehensive Communication Archiving

Digital Governance Essential

As a responsible and forward-thinking city administration, it is crucial to consider the implementation of a comprehensive communication archiving and flagging system for your city, town or county. In today's digital age, preserving emails, text messages, social media content, and web page content is not merely an option but a necessity.

Transparency and Accountability

Archiving communication ensures that all records are available for public scrutiny, FOIA requests and audits. This transparency fosters trust among citizens and demonstrates the commitment of the city to openness and accountability.

Legal Compliance

Federal and state laws require the retention of certain types of communication records, such as emails and text messages, for specific timeframes. Non-compliance can result in costly legal consequences. An archiving system automates compliance, reducing legal risks.

Historical Documentation

Archiving preserves a historical record of decisions, policies, and communications, which can be invaluable for future reference, audits, and research. It also aids in protecting the city's institutional memory.

Efficient Retrieval

Archiving systems enable quick and efficient retrieval of information. This can be crucial in responding to public records requests, investigations, or internal audits. If a member of the public asks for all communications related to a cell tower near their property, will you need days to provide copies? With MessageWatcher you can provide the content in less than a minute.

Data Security

Archiving ensures the security and integrity of data. In the event of data loss or corruption, archived copies can be restored, preventing data disasters. If you end up being a target of a cyber attack or ransomeware attack, MessageWatcher will have most, if not all of your important documents in the form of emails, attachments, texts, etc.

MessageWatcher for
Cities and Counties Advantages

  • Ensure public trust and openness
  • Avoid legal risks with automated compliance
  • Preserve decisions and institutional memory
  • Respond quickly to records requests
  • Prevent data disasters and loss

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