MessageWatcher helps prevent digital assets from being stolen or inappropriately shared.

Monitor, flag, act

Are employees forwarding emails to third-party email addresses, attaching files they shouldn’t be, or sending content after hours? It’s probably nothing, but you may want to make sure customer lists, unfiled patent documents, and other types of intellectual property are not walking out the virtual door.

Keep track of document attachments

Your business has a lot of sensitive documents that shouldn’t be shared—and sharing often takes place in email attachments. Keep an eye on what’s being sent out this way, especially from employees with access to confidential data.

Know when employees email your competitors

Keep track of your competitive advantage by flagging any communications that just happen to be going to your competitors’ email domains.

Flag email going to personal inboxes

Why would employees be sending emails to a account? Flag messages with or without attachments to personal email accounts like and

MessageWatcher for
Digital Loss Prevention Advantages

  • Flag emails with attachments
  • Flag emails to your competition
  • Flag social media posts mentioning confidential information
  • Flag social media posts mentioning your competition

See MessageWatcher for Digital Loss Prevention in Action

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