Zoom Installation and Authorization for MessageWatcher

By authorizing your Zoom account with MessageWatcher the following permissions will be granted.

  1. View all users’ phone information/phone:read:admin
    This permission is used to retrieve a list of all users associated with your Zoom account to initialize the user into our system for archiving.
  2. View all users’ call log information/phone_call_log:read:admin
    This permission is used to archive a user’s Zoom phone call logs.
  3. View all users’ Zoom Phone SMS information/phone_sms:read:admin
    This permission is used to retrieve the Zoom phone SMS session information for archiving.
  4. View all users’ call voicemail information/phone_voicemail:read:admin
    This permission is used to archive voicemails.
  5. View all user information/user:read:admin
    This permission is used to manage the accounts that require Zoom phone data archiving.

The above permissions allow us to read your Zoom account phone information which will be archived in your MessageWatcher account. We only use “read” permissions and never create or update any Zoom account information.

Please note that the authorization of your Zoom account to utilize the MessageWatcher archiving service only needs to be completed one-time for your entire company if the phones are managed in a single Zoom account.

To authorize your Zoom account for archiving, logon to your MessageWatcher compliance portal to complete the following steps.

  1. Select the “Users” menu item
  2. Select the “Zoom Account” that is shown,
  3. Select the Zoom User Account
  4. Select the “Zoom” top menu link as shown below.
  5. To complete the authorization, select the “Zoom Authorization” link shown on the Zoom Account user.
The next step in the authorization process will prompt you for your Zoom logon credentials (if you are not already logged on to Zoom in your web browser).
To complete the authorization, please select the “Authorize” button

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