We just hired a new employee. What steps are required to start archiving their emails?

Log onto the MessageWatcher application and select the “Users” menu item.  Select the “Add User” link in the top right corner of the screen.  Next, enter the employee’s full name and primary email address.  (You can add more aliases later by editing the account.)  Select the user permission “Standard Account” for archive and review. Enter a username and password and click “Forward” and “Apply” to finish creating the user.

You can edit the user to add additional email aliases. (All aliases need to be added if you need to archive them.)  Verify that the user account is set to “Active” and “Archive” enabled.

Note: all of the email that is routed through MessageWatcher is archived, regardless of whether a user account is created or not.  The purpose of creating a user account within MessageWatcher is to enable the administrator to give permissions to the user and to pull user-based reports.

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