Meta Threads Archiving Availability

Meta released Threads as an alternative to Twitter in July 2023.   As of November 2023 Meta has not yet released an API for developers to access the Threads platform so it is not yet supported for archiving in your MessageWatcher account.   MessageWatcher is a Facebook development partner and we intend to add support for the Threads platform when a public API is made available so that our customers may archive Threads accounts used for business communications.   We will update this page as more information is made available to us.

Update, 4/8/2024, The Threads API is coming soon: get ready for it!

Update, 12/22/2023, Threads Moves to Next Stage of Testing for Its API.

As this article in Social Media Today points out, Meta is working on an API.

Update, 3/5/2024, Threads expects to have an API by the end of June 2024.  MessageWatcher will need 1-4 weeks to get the archiving setup once the API is released.

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