How do I prevent a disclaimer from causing policy violations?

If you have a disclaimer that contains a word or words that you flag as policy violations then you will want to create a new “exclude” rule to prevent words in the disclaimer from being flagged.

  1. Click on the Policies tab
  2. Choose the Policy (group of rules) that contains the rule causing the word or phrase in the disclaimer to get flagged.  That is, if want to exclude “warning” from getting flagged in your MessageWatcher portal then in this step you will want to choose the Policy that contains “warning” as a rule.
  3. Click on the Rules tab
  4. Click on the “+ Add Rule” button
  5. Name your new rule
  6. Choose “(-) Exclude” from the Rule Modifier dropdown menu
  7. In the Rule Phrase box paste the relevant portion of the disclaimer, be sure to include the word(s) that were violated. We recommend adding a few words before and after the violated phrase to be sure it will only exclude your disclaimer.
  8. Click on the Add button

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