How do I find the lists of words and phrases that get flagged?

To find the list of words that get flagged you can go to Policies, click on the policy that you are interested in, then click on the tab that says “Rules”. This will show the list of words words that will cause messages to be flagged.  Please see the screenshot below.

Screenshot of how to view rules in a given policy.

We use the term ‘rules’ for word or phrases that are contained in Policies.  These Rules cause content to get flagged in MessageWatcher if they appear. To flag messages that contain those Rules the Policies must be applied to a User or to a Group (a Group is a list of all or a subset of employees). The Groups tab lets you click on a specific Group then you can see which Policies have been applied to a Group on the Information tab. You can drag polices between the Available Policies (ones you aren’t using) and the Assigned Policies column. The Users tab lists your employees assigned to that Group.

Screenshot showing how to apply or remove policies from a group.

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