How do I stop LastPass from changing the login name when adding or editing users?

The below steps will show how to update the LastPass browser extension and edit the setting to prevent LastPass from updating form fields that have existing data.  This will allow you to use LastPass for your own login but will prevent it from updating login name/passwords when editing or adding users in our compliance portal.

Please follow the steps below if you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox:

From the Firefox menu (three bars) select: Add-ons and Themes, select Extensions, then select the three dots by the LastPass extension to access the Preferences.

Google Chrome:

Step 1 – From the Chrome menu (three dots) select: Extensions, Manage Extensions, then click the “Details” button on LastPass extension.

Google Chrome Step 2 – Select “Extension Options” for LastPass.

Edit LastPass Preferences:

In the LastPass preferences, select the General menu (1).

Scroll to the bottom of the preferences and select “Don’t overwrite fields that are already filled” (2).

Click “Save” to save your change.


LassPass will no longer change fields in our compliance portal that already have data in them.   This will allow you to add/edit user accounts in the MessageWatcher portal without having LastPass change the login name, email address or password.   Note, you will still be able to use LastPass for filling your own login, but for fields that already have data LastPass won’t overwrite them.

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