How do I add domains to my account?

    1. You must have the account administrator role permission to add services to your account.
    2. Select your user account preferences by selecting the user account icon located at the bottom of the menu barNext, select the “Domains” menu option.
    3. Enter the new domain name and click “Add Domain“.
    4. Copy the DNS text record by selecting the copy link next to the new domain.  Add a new DNS text record to your domain using the text that was copied by following the steps below:

Go to

Click on “WHOIS” and enter your domain name in the box.

Then click the “SEARCH” button.

In the results, locate the nameserver to get the domain provider.

Log in to your domain provider control panel.

Locate the section for updating your DNS records—it could be Managed DNS, Name Server Management,  DNS Management, or Advanced Settings.

On the page, click the TXT record option and add the text for your DNS domain that you copied from the above step.

Save the settings and wait until they propagate. This can take a few minutes, up to 72 hours based on the “TTL” set on your domain record.

e. Click the “Verify” button to complete the addition of the new domain to your account.


Note: The domain will not be active in your account until it is verified using the DNS text record information shown on this page.


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