How do I exclude a phrase from being flagged?

To add an “exclude” rule you will want to follow the steps in the screenshot below. The key is to use the “Rule Modifier” of “(-) Exclude” so any policy violation in the excluded phrase is ignored.

  1. Click on Policies
  2. Click on the Policy where you are seeing flagged messages that should be ignored.
  3. Click on the Rules tab
  4. Click on the “+ Add Rule” button
  5. Type in a Rule Name, usually the actual phrase or you could type something like “New Exclude Rule”
  6. Choose the Exclude modifier.
  7. Type in the phrase that is getting flagged, like “not guarantee” because “guarantee” is supposed to get flagged. This way if “guarantee” shows up in “not guarantee” then it will not get flagged.
  8. Click on the Add button.


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