How do I authorize MessageWatcher to archive my YouTube content?

Archiving YouTube

Your Google YouTube data will be accessed and stored in your private MessageWatcher account and is retained for compliance purposes along with your other electronic communications. This data is only available to you and is never shared with any third party or used for serving advertisements. Your Google data will be retained for the duration of your specified retention period and will be deleted upon account closure. Upon authorization of your Google account we will access and store your YouTube channel name, description, video count, view count, subscriber count, featured channels and playlist names. We also access and store your channel discussion if you have it enabled. Additionally, we access and store your YouTube video titles, descriptions, publish dates and thumbnail images along with all comments made on the videos by yourself and others.

Please authorize your YouTube channel by using the link that was sent to you from our support team. If you did not receive the link please navigate to your user account in your MessageWatcher portal and select the “YouTube” link on the top menu bar of the user dialog screen.

Note, each user that archives a YouTube channel will have their own unique link to authorize our application for archiving. If you do not see the “YouTube” menu item in your user account, please contact MessageWatcher support and request that your YouTube channel be added to your account.

YouTube Archive

  1. Click on the Users tab
  2. Click on the YouTube in the list of groups of users
  3. Click on the User’s name
  4. Click on the YouTube tab which is to the right portion of the tabs
  5. Select the “YouTube Authorization” link to start the authorization process. Please note that you will be asked to log onto the Google/YouTube account that manages your channel. MessageWatcher does not store your Google account logon information.
You will be prompted to “Sign in with Google”, please enter your YouTube account/password to continue.  Please note that MessageWatcher does not store your Google logon information.

Please allow the default permissions to your account, and select “Allow” to continue.

After authorization is complete you should see a “Success” message indicating that you have completed the authorization process to archive your YouTube channel.

Please note that we archive your channel nightly so you will see your channel information in the archive the following business day.

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MessageWatcher archiving complies with all the above companies' terms, conditions, and related policies.