How do I add Instagram archiving to my account?

You will need to prepare your Instagram account for archiving, specifically you will need to do these two steps before your account can be archived.

  1. Please use the Instagram mobile app to prepare your account for archiving: Verify that your Instagram account is a business account. More on that can be found here –
  2. Link your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. More on that can be found here –  Please note that you only need to link your Instagram account to your Facebook account.  You do not need to share Instagram to your Facebook page.

To enable social media services, you can always email [email protected] or you can enable the services in your portal using the steps in the screenshot below.

  1. Click on the Users tab.
  2. Click on All Users to find the user who would like Instagram archiving.
  3. Click on the box next to the person’s name.
  4. Click on the Add Services button.
  5. Click on the Instagram box.
  6. Click Add.

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