Data archiving (aka Communication Archiving) is the process of storing and preserving files, texts, emails and more for long-term retention. It involves moving data from primary storage systems to secondary storage systems, such as tape drives or cloud storage.  This serves to free up space on the primary storage and ensure the data is securely stored for future access. Data archiving helps organizations meet regulatory requirements, optimize storage resources, and ensure integrity and availability.

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The SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) has specific rules and regulations regarding the archiving and preservation of certain types of data, including financial records, communications, and trading data. These regulations are in place to ensure transparency and accountability. Failure to comply with regulatory data archiving requirements can lead to fines of many thousands of dollars.

Many industries require businesses to take a proactive approach to retaining and monitoring important information in case of litigation, employee disputes, or customer complaints. Additionally, a lack of knowledge of these regulations is not a defense.

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