How do I find my RingCentral content?

RingCentral messages, call logs, faxes and voicemail messages can be easily searched, viewed or downloaded in the MessageWatcher portal. These messages include call log detail showing in/outbound calls from each phone, SMS messages sent/received by each phone, incoming and outgoings faxes and audio voice-mail recordings from each phone. RingCentral messages are integrated into your compliance portal so you have a single interface to review all electronic communications for your firm.

To search for your RingCentral text messages (SMS), faxes, voicemails, and/or call logs you can go the Search tab, choose your date range from the date range calendar boxes, or you can type in the dates, then in the Message Type dropdown box choose “RingCentral”.  Then click on the “Run” button above and to the right of the date boxes.

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