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The Transformation of Message Compliance

The last five years have had a substantial impact companies seeking to supervise electronic communications of any kind. Traditionally, since the 1990s, this was a relatively manageable burden that entailed handling email and web sites. Those are largely controllable channels with little disruption or complexity.

Social media has transformed that, liberating millions of participants to grab control of online conversations and engagement on any device, both personal and professional. That has also created a complex challenge for companies to insure they can continue to protect brand integrity while also properly addressing compliance and governance requirements day to day.

Join Message Watcher and guest Blane Warrene, a digital communications expert, as we explore this transformation and what it means to manage communications in the digital age. We’ll cover:

Archiving technology
Supervision and reporting automation
Policy and Procedures best practices
and more.
Register now for the webinar on May 22, 2014 at 1pm EDT.