MessageWatcher helps monitor issues and report on your ESG efforts.

Find and flag questionable content

Accounting irregularities, harassment, attempted coverups, environmental issues, and other similar policy violations should all be discoverable by your compliance, HR and/or legal teams.

Report on governance issues

Set and monitor compliance goals with reporting and analytics that demonstrate what keywords or phrases are being flagged and how often.

Make your content undisputable

Because your data will be stored in non-rewritable and non-erasable format, your ESG audit can rely on the data in the MessageWatcher archive.

Climate change is not going away

The SEC, your stakeholders, and employees will want your organization to monitor your climate change efforts.

MessageWatcher for
ESG Reporting Advantages

  • Keyword monitoring for words and phrases that go against your organization’s values
  • Transparency through easily searchable communications and data
  • Audit-friendly search capabilities
  • Audit logs to authenticate system information and user actions
  • Flags for social media posts that contradict your environmental, social, and governance policies

See MessageWatcher for ESG Reporting in Action

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