MessageWatcher offers a secure, scalable, hosted archiving and monitoring solution for the electronic communications in your business. We provide compliance for the following electronic communications:

  • Email
  • Instant Messaging
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Text Messaging options
  • Bloomberg and Salesforce
  • Supporting business cloud platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365

MessageWatcher takes all of your electronic communications and runs them through our automated engine.  Your communications are evaluated and flagged, producing audit-ready reports.  Our flexible policy tools allow you to define keywords and phrases to be used in this reporting.  These reports are valuable across many aspects of your organization, from compliance to human resources, marketing, and customer service.

MessageWatcher’s solution is compliant with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4, as well as FINRA Rule 4511, which mandate the retention in non-altered format of all business-related electronic correspondence.


In order to compete in today’s connected world, businesses and employees rely on multiple communication platforms.  MessageWatcher allows you to archive all of these communications in one central, easily searchable, online archive.

Archiving Highlights

  • Archive all email (inbound, outbound and internal)
  • Easy-to-use search capability to quickly and easily manage audits
  • eDiscovery requests are made easy with search and export tools
  • Works with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, GroupWise, Domino, Google Workspace, POP3, Postfix and more

Content Monitoring

MessageWatcher helps reduce risk by calling attention to electronic communications that have potentially inappropriate content in the text or attachments.

Monitoring Highlights

Powerful automation tools allow you to efficiently manage reporting, using any of our 20+ pre-defined policies or your own policies. MessageWatcher will automatically scan your content daily with those key words or phrases. You can design your monitoring procedures for:

  • Monitoring for words or phrases that you have defined as suspicious, such as profanity, competitors’ domains, customer lists, etc., in all communications
  • Automatic scanning using customer-defined key words or phrases
  • Random Sampling settings to go beyond simple flagging
  • Policies are setup so you can apply them to all, none, or a portion of your staff
  • We provide more than 20 pre-defined policies to help you mitigate risks from day one
  • Scan and view attachments
  • Multiple permission levels: Admin, Group Admin, Group Reviewer, Self-Reviewer and basic User
  • Audit trails provide comprehensive activity logs
  • Disclaimers can be ignored to prevent incorrect flagging
  • “Sticky Note” capability
  • Surveillance of multiple languages
  • Definable exclusions based on content

Reporting Highlights

The flexibility of the MessageWatcher solution allows you to designate the multiple tiers (or hierarchies) of permissions. Customers can set permissions for an Administrator, those responsible for Groups, and for Reviewers. Finally, individual Users can access their own archives.

Reporting automation enables one-click exception notifications and other policy violation report notifications. During review, flagged items (or items found in Random Sampling) can be routed to Administrators or other Reviewers with a simple click, or by word category.

Reviewers can easily annotate flagged messages as they review them.  They can apply “sticky notes” to flagged messages for filing, or to aid in review when those messages are routed to others.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

MessageWatcher offers email continuity services.  Your staff can access email via a web interface in the event of your in-house email server failing or your hosted mail server being inaccessible.  Also, by having copies of your email via the MessageWatcher archive, your organization has additional levels of backup for email. Plus, MessageWatcher can act as an email client, allowing you to send and receive emails during any outage occurrence.


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