How do I remove journaling for Microsoft 365 ?

Please see below for steps to remove the journaling configuration in your Office 365 account.

Step 1 – Login to your Microsoft 365 account at:
Select the “Admin” option:

Step 2:
From the Navigation menu, please select the “… Show all” menu item to expand the menu:
If you are using Godaddy for your Microsoft 365 hosting you can select the “Admin” menu item, followed by the “Advanced” option, finally select the “Exchange” admin link then select the “Exchange” menu item from the Admin centers near the bottom of the menu.
Next, select the “Classic Exchange admin center” menu item.
Finally, select the “compliance management” menu item on the left menu bar then select the “journal rules” menu bar item on the top menu bar. Finally, select the MessageWatcher journaling rule listed and click the “Delete” icon to remove it.  After removing the journaling rule copies of your email will stop being sent to MessageWatcher for archiving.

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