How do I get my personal LinkedIn content archived?

  1. Contact to signup LinkedIn personal archiving reminders.
  2. Once that is service is setup for your account you will receive a Reminder email from MessageWatcher with information on how to get your personal LinkedIn content archived but we have included information and screenshots to help if those instructions are not clear.
  3. Sign into your LinkedIn account.
  4. Go to the LinkedIn site to request your data:
  5. Select the “Download Larger data archive…” option, then click “Request Archive”

  1. LinkedIn will email you within 24-48 hours when the download is ready. The email will come from the following email address: The subject of the email will be something like “Your full LinkedIn data archive is ready!”  However, if you don’t receive the email, you can go back to their site and check the status on the following page:

  1. LinkedIn will send you the email notification to the address you use to sign into your LinkedIn account. The email will have a link that will take you to a LinkedIn web page.
  2. The link to download your data will be shown on the page when it is ready to download. The download will be in a ZIP file which you will then email to MessageWatcher at the destination email given to you by MessageWatcher in the Reminder email. That destination email will end in
  3. When you forward the ZIP file to that unique email address please be sure to send it from the email address that we archive for you so our system recognizes that you sent in your data successfully.

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