How do I find changes to a website

If you know what change or page and date you are looking for then go to the Search tab, choose the date range and other criteria, then pick Website from the Message Type dropdown menu then hit Run.
To see the specific pages that have changed, you can run the report Website Page Report for the date range in question (like the last 3 months).   This will show only the pages that have changed.

Alternatively if you want to see your entire site with the date of the last changes, run the report Website Reportfor the same time period, then select the website name link on the date in question. For example, if I select the website name link on the 7/30/2019 archive date:
You will then see the page(s) that were archived. If you then select any page or the manifest you will see the button “Snapshot”, if you press that you will then see your entire site showing all pages, the date the page was changed and you can view or export the pages on that date.

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