How do I create a folder and add emails into a folder?

  1. Along the left menu bar click on Folders –
  2. Click on the Add New Folder button toward the top of the page.
  1. Choose a name for this folder (do not user a folder name that already exists).
  2. Place restrictions on the level of user who can access your folder.
  3. Choose the types of activities users who can access the folder can do. For instance, the first check box lets you determine if users can delete this new folder.
  4. Hit the Add button to finish.
  1. To move emails, tweets, web pages, etc. into a folder, you can click on the folder icon at the bottom of the message viewing box.
  1. To move multiple files to a folder at one time you can go to the Search tab, run your search then check the boxes by the messages you would like to move.  Or you can click the box above the checkboxes to highlight all of your search results.  Next hit the Add To Folder button.  See steps below.

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