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article from NPR – Markets Punish Behavior That Reflects A CEO’s Lack Of Integrity


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Interesting how FIFA seems uninterested in compliance

From ABC news via the Corporate Compliance Weekly News email (which I recommend to anyone dealing with compliance) – FIFA […]

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Discrimination lawsuits can cost your organization money and morale.

MessageWatcher helps prevent discrimination and helps you flag inappropriate electronic communication. The BBC, in their Diversity Box series, has listed […]

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Need to hire a compliance professional?

Be sure to contact the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics to post a job on their Job Board. https://www.corporatecompliance.org/all-jobs

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MessageWatcher is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory.

MessageWatcher is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory. http://www.finra.org/industry/cvd

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