Category: Social Media

10 Apr

3 Important Ways to Secure your Business’ Social Media Accounts

There is no doubt that social media has emerged as an important corporate branding tool. This ubiquitous, cost-effective tool for marketing, promotion, and communicating with customers is both advantageous...

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27 Aug

Can a Tweet Attract a Lawsuit?

It has been clear since 2010 that social media use in business is both a critical communications tool – and one that needs governed as email is. Otherwise you...

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28 Feb

Modern Messaging Series – Social Media Archiving

What has been classified as a commodity, message archiving, should be viewed as a key component of your overall business and technology strategy. This is not just wishful thinking...

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12 Jul

5 Steps to incorporate Social Media into Your Messaging Policy

Designing the Modern Messaging Policy How we view and define messaging has been altered forever with the emergence and mainstreaming of social media during the past five years. Unlike...

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