Category: Compliance

23 Oct

Managing Public Records Requests for Electronic Communications

Public Records Requests, Freedom of Information Act and More Technology has certainly made communications easier and more mobile than ever across all mediums. This also expands the realm of...

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21 Jun

Avoiding Archiving Fines: Review of Policies & Tech

Avoiding Archiving Fines for Email and More Archiving and supervision as a process have been in the lexicon of most businesses since at least the late 1990s. However, avoiding...

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04 Jan

Cybersecurity Tips for Avoiding Fines

Cybersecurity Errors Can Be Inadvertent and Still Generate Serious Fines The human element remains a significant component of the risk in assessing cybersecurity standards and policies for your business....

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22 Sep

Modern Messaging Policy and Compliance – Webinar Replay

Our May 22, 2014 webinar discussing Messaging Compliance with industry expert Blane Warrene is now live for replay below. Our agenda included: What makes up a modern messaging compliance...

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20 May

The Transformation of Message Compliance

The last five years have had a substantial impact companies seeking to supervise electronic communications of any kind. Traditionally, since the 1990s, this was a relatively manageable burden that...

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